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Present-day South Boston: Blue Plate Special looks at the effects of PTSD on a veteran police officer, who witnesses the death of his only daughter, Amanda, eight years prior. Struggling through homelessness, self-imposed alienation, & unsuccessful attempts to re-enter society - his struggle sets off an emotional chain reaction in those around him triggering life-altering effects. The main setting for this gripping drama is the local police hangout, Kelly's Diner. Kelly's is run by Amanda's best friend from childhood, Sally, and her volatile husband, Walter, a terminated Boston PD officer. When you find yourself at your worst moments, what will you do to survive? Get Your Copy Now!

Plays written by Freedom Chevalier

Cocaine, prostitution, poverty, exploitation, torture, murder:  It's the world of comedy, and there's nothing funny about it.  

Set in Toronto of the early 1990s, Pundit takes a gritty tour through the dark world of stand-up comedy, as comedy club owner K Johnson pursues the Sweetwater Festival - that he's lost the past five years in a row. He won't lose it for six. He’ll push himself and everyone around him to the breaking point. Fasten your seat-belts...not everyone gets out of this show alive. 

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New York. Early 1960s.  Julian, head of the Emergency department at a large city hospital, has been married to Ashley for 35 years. Opening on a familiar moment for the couple - returning home following an evening out with Julian's colleagues, they are familiar, easy with each other. Young doctor Marcus’s somewhat unexpected arrival challenges the balance of the evening, and the family, forcing choices to be made.

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In addition to writing compelling marketing content and authority business & finance articles for readers around the world, Freedom is also an accomplished author and playwright.

Anthologies containing works written by Freedom Chevalier

He has multiple Emmy Awards, Academy Awards, worldwide fame...everyone reminds him he has everything to live for following a terrible car accident. Phone calls plead for his return to the studio. The film is on hold. They encourage him to take his time, but they need a date when he'll be back.  

Perched in his gilded beachfront Malibu mansion, surrounded by bags of fan mail, he wonders whether the jump would kill him, even at Low Tide.​

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