28 July 2016

On Voting

Image Source: Hillary Clinton Official, Facebook

Choose the best choice for the country. Do not vote your emotions.

Casting a vote for a candidate who cannot win, just to express yourself, is selfish.

Choosing not to cast a vote because you don't "like" either of the candidates, is selfish.

Casting a vote without serious consideration of the impact of that candidate BEING president, is selfish.

Selfish wants to build a wall and vilifies those with different gods.
Selfish touts diversity as a weakness and hate as a way to lead.
Please don't be selfish on November 8th.


Not because she's perfect;
Not because I like her (although I do);
But because she is inclusive, awake;
Because she is not compelled by fear, but is instead driven by a belief in what remains of humanity's potential.

15 July 2016

6 Success Secrets From Steve Jobs

Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Business I Learned From Steve Jobs

Okay, not everything. But Steve Jobs did teach me a few things about what to do, and what not to do. The technology poet inspired, but he also aspired and strived to achieve, like every other dreamer. 

Steve Jobs Speaks At WWDC07
Photo: Ben Stanfield

Don’t Skate To Where The Puck Has Been

Jobs praised a favorite quote from hockey great Wayne Gretzky: “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Said Jobs, “we’ve always tried to do that at Apple. Since the very, very beginning. And we always will.”

By keeping his eyes on the future, anticipating trends rather than following he built an empire that dominates global markets.

Value People, Not Money

Jobs realized that a company’s real value is its people, and went about to hire passionate, cultivated people for Pixar and Apple. It is little wonder both companies flourished?  And while CEO of Apple, Jobs earned a whopping $1 year. He didn’t use his salary as an incentive to achieve, he was inspired by his personal pursuit to achieve excellence. 

Create Your Brand

Jobs was one of the early business leaders to recognize the power of personal brand during the age of the internet. His trademark black turtleneck was as identifiable as the bite on the Apple logo.

Where You Start Is Not As Important As Where You Finish

Steve Jobs was one of the 2.1 million children put up for adoption every year in the United States. But he didn’t dwell on what others might consider a hardship, instead he saw the beauty in situation – a loving adoptive family in Palo Alto (what is now considered Silicon Valley), California. 

Expect Great Things From People

It’s been proven that human beings rise to expectations, so if you expect great things from people, from yourself, great things will occur.

Secret To Success

Steve Jobs said that the only way we can do great work is to truly love what we do. In a speech to the graduating class at Stanford university, Jobs urged those in attendance not to settle. He spoke with passion about his passions and inspired.

Life really is what you settle for.