28 October 2016

Cool Temps Mean Time For Curry

As the temperature begins to drop, I find myself thinking more of warming foods, and less about salad. Although, I do have an uncommon amount of ripe avocado's on my counter the moment.

When fall finally arrives, in full dress, stripping red leaves from trees and replacing the dewy moist lawn with  crunchy ice-capped green shards, I turn to comfort food. Big steaming bowls of homemade soups and stews...and curry. 

While you will rarely, if ever, hear me decline a dish of curry - regardless of dish's geography - it's Japanese curry rice that I will dream about, as I did last night.

Sweet, steaming, slightly sticky white rice, smothered in a thick yellow or brown curry. Chunks of potato, carrot, tofu, or pork meat melting slowly from the heat of the dish. It gets me every time.  

So as the week winds down and the weekend approaches you'll find me in the kitchen pulling together a pot, scenting the house and fogging the kitchen windows. 

Never had Japanese curry? Pick up a box at the grocers, or stop by the kitchen, there's always an extra bowl!

5 October 2016


I recently began contributing to the Huffington Post!

So, if you haven't had the chance to stop by, please feel free to click this link and catch up on your reading :)

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